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Effective medical supplies management is critical to ensure quality patient care in the healthcare industry. InventoryCloud empowers your clinicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers with the tools they need to know which supplies are available, where the supplies are located, and when to order more.

Enjoy quick and accurate physical stock cycle counts, eliminate stockouts and write-offs, and maintain full stock control from the loading dock to the patient or healthcare worker with InventoryCloud.

We understand that in healthcare, every second counts. With InventoryCloud, implementation can be completed in as little as one business day. Special pricing and incentives for non-governmental organizations and healthcare providers is available. Complete our tracking consult form and one of our inventory management experts will contact you to discuss your options.

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Key Benefits


Know what supplies you have in stock, where the supplies are located, and when to order more, all from one centralized database. Track supplies by serial number, lot number, and date code. Easily maintain accurate stock counts, reduce errors, and avoid time consuming manual entry of items, location bins, pick orders, and inventory receiving.

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Whether you have one medical facility or multiple sites, InventoryCloud has you covered. Manage stock at as many sites as you need without needing all the locations to be on the same network.

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Minimum/maximum stock levels can be set up for your supplies at each of your locations. When a location's supplies fall below a minimum stock level, you can receive an email notification as well as a pop-up notification within the software alerting you of the low stock level.

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Easily create purchase orders and send them directly from InventoryCloud to your vendors. From a single, unified platform, you can control the management of ordering, receiving, and picking of both stock and non-stock items for a specific vendor.

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InventoryCloud allows you to receive notifications of events such as low stock levels, expiring items, late orders, checked-out items past due, and more. Set custom triggers to avoid running out of items critical to patient care.

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Performing stock audits has never been easier. Use InventoryCloud with iOS, Android, or Wasp mobile computer devices. Maintain visibility over your stock levels no matter where you go.

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Customer Success

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The Client: Orthopedic Solutions

The Challenge: Orthopedic Solutions bring products and services to orthopedic practices through the delivery of durable medical equipment, medical and surgical supplies, therapeutic products and pharmaceuticals. The company's clients kept experiencing lost or misplaced items within their medical offices. Prior to implementing an inventory management solution, they were managing medical equipment, medications and surgical supplies manually in an Excel spreadsheet which was time consuming and error prone due to miscalculations. Inventory shrinkage was a major issue.

The Solution: After personally testing a Wasp barcode scanner, Matt Fitterer, an Orthopedic Solutions account executive, began recommending it to clients because of its durability and its ability to read poorly printed and damaged barcodes. Many times barcodes are added to items only because the FDA demands it, and there isn't proper care taken with the application, thus creating barcodes that are hard to read and scan. In conjunction with the Wasp barcode scanner, the company implemented a Wasp inventory management solution.

The Result: After implementing Wasp's inventory management solution and barcode scanners, clients reported a 90% decrease in inventory shrink as well as improved employee performance as a result of having a better tool to work with. Now, Orthopedic Solutions recommends Wasp to its clients as a reliable software tracking solution for clients who wish to virtually eliminate manual data entry errors and significantly reduce time spent inputting information. “When recommending Wasp’s products to my clients, obviously they are happy with the affordability and easy implementation, but what really gets them are the numerous reports of other customers who are also happy with Wasp,” said Fitterer. Additionally, Fitterer's clients were satisfied with the ease of use and implementation, as well as the immediate return on investment.

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