Cost-Saving & Easy-to-Implement

Automated employee attendance and time tracking made easy.

Eliminate payroll errors and wage theft with a Wasp time and attendance solution.

How WaspTime Benefits Your Operation

Business Owner

Eliminate costly errors and stop worrying about payroll mistakes or timesheet fraud, WaspTime tracks employee time based on the rules you set.

Payroll Departments

WaspTime integrates seamlessly with many current payroll systems, removing the need for manual data entry and reducing payroll errors.


Use one of 30 management reports to understand exactly what’s going on with your employees, from employee absences to over-hours.


Ensure accurate pay checks, with no more worry about losing your time sheet or forgetting to write down when you came back from lunch.

Inventory Control Software

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Hardware Options to Complete your Time and Attendance System

Pairing 100% compatible hardware options with your software minimizes setup time.

WRP8055 Thermal Receipt Printer

Biometric Time Clock

With WaspTime Biometric time and attendance solution, you can enjoy the benefits of an automated employee time tracking system with the added convenience and security of biometric (fingerprint) authentication.

WLR8950 CCD LR Barcode Scanner

RFID Time Clock

Improve productivity and eliminate costly payroll errors with the WaspTime RFID solution. Designed for easy, efficient use, the WaspTime RFID solution automates employee time tracking using RFID technology.

WCD5000 Cash Drawer Shoe

HID Time Clock

The WaspTime HID solution is designed for ease-of-use. A built-in 26 or 34-Bit format HID proximity reader is used to capture employee time – adding security and convenience to your time and attendance tracking process.

WCD5000 Cash Drawer

Barcode Time Clock

Improve the efficiency of employee time and attendance tracking with the WaspTime Barcode solution. Designed to eliminate costly payroll errors associated with manual time and attendance tracking, the WaspTime Barcode solution automates the process using barcode technology.

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WaspTime Software and System Options

Wasp time and attendance tracking options range from complete systems to just WaspTime software.

WaspTime System

Complete Solutions

WaspTime works with a variety of employee time clocks, allowing you to choose the optimum way to capture employee time. Complete WaspTime solutions are ideal for a wide range of industries where hourly and salaried employee time needs to be tracked.

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WLR8950 CCD LR Barcode Scanner

Time & Attendance Software

WaspTime is a time and attendance system designed to automate employee time and attendance tracking for small to medium-sized businesses. WaspTime software dramatically reduces the number of hours it takes to process employee time records.

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Time Clocks

Time Clocks

Select from biometric (fingerprint), HID, RFID, or barcode clocks. WaspTime clocks feature integrated network (Ethernet) connectivity, eliminating the expense of a dedicated PC that systems with just a USB connection require.

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